Online Fitness Coach

Matt Stevens

I’m an online fitness coach helping people around the world hit their fitness goals. Having never been very athletic as a child, I found myself doing a lot of cardio in college and remaining relatively skinny. After my college experience, I decided to explore the world of triathlons but, while I enjoyed it in the beginning, I quickly became bored.

I eventually found my way to CrossFit and within six months, I had gained 15 pounds of muscle, something that I had never been able or motivated to do before.

Within two years of my CrossFit journey, I had decided to get my very first of multiple training certifications. In 2015 I started a wellness program at my workplace and began training other staff members in a gym that they had built especially for me to train employees.

I love working with individuals at all levels! I look forward to helping you with your fitness journey whether you’re just starting out, or experienced and need a little help and inspiration.


I’m really new to the fitness scene and Matt is always incredibly patient and encouraging. I highly recommend his training!

Kate L.

Matt does a great job of working one on one with you to determine your goals, and to personalize your workout plan. He makes sure you are completing your work out with good form while coaching you to get through the toughest of workouts just when you think you can’t make it. Makes hard workouts fun! Proper Technique

Nicole D.

What I appreciate about Matt’s training style is his patience on teaching proper technique. This is very helpful at every experience level.

JP. K.

Matt has been my personal trainer for the last few years. His guidance, knowledge, and support has helped me immensely with the physical activity portion of my weight loss journey. His workouts are variable, trackable, and effective, and he provides just the right amount of motivation to keep you going. I’m down over 65 pounds, but more importantly, i’ve built muscle and increased my strength in the process.

Jon D.

Matt is extremely knowledgeable and does a great job at teaching/breaking down the basics when necessary. I always enjoy his sessions, feel great afterwards and see results/improvement in myself when attending consistently.

Corina R.

Matt is truly an excellent trainer! His training style is the perfect combination of tough and motivating. I’ve been working out with Matt for over a year, and thanks to his expert instruction, I’m stronger than I ever thought possible.

Shantae R.