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Founded with a bold mission to enhance individuals’ quality of life, NinjaFitness offers professional functional fitness training for the everyday ninja. With both online and in-person training options, we work closely with people across all levels of fitness to achieve their most ambitious health and fitness goals. Whether you’re a dedicated parent with a day full of errands and activities or a career person stuck in the boardroom all week, NinjaFitness is geared towards developing personalized training programs to meet your specific needs.

Where Fitness Meets Convenience

With the world changing at a rapid pace, almost every aspect of daily life has been ‘taken online’ or is ‘going remote’. Having always attempted to remain at the forefront of innovation, we decided to take our professional training programs to new heights, offering our loyal community a way to achieve optimum health and fitness at a time and place that fits seamlessly into your daily schedule. No more queuing to use equipment, unnecessary gym memberships or unhygienic settings. Now you can work out from wherever works best for you with a personal trainer that is capable of formulating your unique fitness blueprint and supporting your journey as you grow from strength to strength.

Functional and Impactful

We work with clients both in-person and online to make their fitness goals a reality. We made the decision to focus our training programs on helping everyday people achieve enhanced strength, mobility, balance, coordination, quality of life and overall wellness through functional fitness training. With this approach, we help our clients improve their daily lives by incorporating common, everyday movements such as walking, bending and jumping into their fitness routines. In this way, we can make a tangible impact on real people’s lives with the work that we are most passionate about.

If you’re wanting to continue doing the things that mean the most to you with energy, vitality and vigour, and you’re looking for an innovative and convenient way to keep fit and stay healthy, send us a message to schedule a free 15 minute consultation with a trainer!

Live and recorded video

Our approach combines live video conferencing and pre-recorded content for you to workout at your own pace

workout at home

Workout at home at your own pace

I’m really new to the fitness scene and Matt is always incredibly patient and encouraging. I highly recommend his training!

Kate L.

Matt does a great job of working one on one with you to determine your goals, and to personalize your workout plan. He makes sure you are completing your work out with good form while coaching you to get through the toughest of workouts just when you think you can’t make it. Makes hard workouts fun! Proper Technique

Nicole D.

What I appreciate about Matt’s training style is his patience on teaching proper technique. This is very helpful at every experience level.

JP. K.

Matt has been my personal trainer for the last few years. His guidance, knowledge, and support has helped me immensely with the physical activity portion of my weight loss journey. His workouts are variable, trackable, and effective, and he provides just the right amount of motivation to keep you going. I’m down over 65 pounds, but more importantly, i’ve built muscle and increased my strength in the process.

Jon D.

Matt is extremely knowledgeable and does a great job at teaching/breaking down the basics when necessary. I always enjoy his sessions, feel great afterwards and see results/improvement in myself when attending consistently.

Corina R.

Matt is truly an excellent trainer! His training style is the perfect combination of tough and motivating. I’ve been working out with Matt for over a year, and thanks to his expert instruction, I’m stronger than I ever thought possible.

Shantae R.

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