Dumbbells and Mat

Gear recommendations for a home gym on a budget

Whether you’re just too lazy to get to the gym or need convenience, having a home gym setup is a great way to make exercise accessible. You don’t need a ton of equipment, but if.you’re looking to pack on muscle, you at least need some weights.

Minimally, you need some dumbbells. I’d recommend a set of light, medium and heavy. This will very based on your current fitness level, but just as an example I have 15, 30 and 40 pound sets of my own. You can also use adjustable dumbbells if limited on space, but I’d prefer individual sets so you can easily swap between exercises. When thinking of weights, a HEAVY weight would be something you would squat with them on your shoulders. A medium weight would be something you can press overhead. And a light weight would be something you can do side raises with.

You’ll also want some type of mat for floor exercises. I’d recommend something padded like this one for comfort, especially if you are working out on a hard surface like the concrete in my home gym. If it fits the budget, an AbMat is also great to have for sit-ups.

With this minimal setup along with common household items, like a chair, you can still get a lot done at home. Here’s a playlist of just a handful of movements that can be done with the minimal equipment listed above.

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