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Digital Detoxing: The Missing Link on Most Wellness Plans

We are now more informed, entertained, and connected than ever before, thanks to technology. But, while the digital world offers numerous benefits, it can also lead to issues if we are not careful. Today’s article explores the importance of digital detoxing, what it is and how to apply it. 

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What Does Digital Detoxing Mean?

Digital detox means abstaining from technology like your smartphone, computer, tablet, TV and such. Doing so detaches you from the digital world, giving your mind a break and allowing you to enjoy other aspects of life.

More recently, people have started using the term dopamine detox. The idea is to avoid dopamine-spiking activities (pleasurable, arousing, etc.) for a specific period. Technology use falls within these activities. 

Why You Should Consider a Digital Detox From Time to Time

Technology is useful and often necessary. Like it or not, we live in a digital world, and devices like smartphones and computers have become mandatory.

Still, there are solid reasons for deliberately avoiding any technology from time to time. First, technology can lead to stress and make people overwhelmed. Keeping up with updates, going over notifications, answering emails and responding to texts can sometimes be too much.

Second, spending time in the digital world means you’re too busy to interact with the real one. Instead of meeting up with friends, having fun outside, and enjoying simple pleasures (like a good book), your mind is occupied by social media, video games and the internet. 

Two Practical Ways to Detox Your Body From Technology

1. Set a Schedule

Setting a schedule is the most straightforward way to limit technology use and detox your mind. 

For example, you can make it a point to avoid using devices before 9 AM, during your lunch break and after 8:30 PM. To boost your chances of success, you can attach some rules and boundaries to using technology. For instance:

  • Not taking your phone or tablet with you in the bathroom
  • Not opening your laptop to check notifications and emails in the evening
  • Leaving your phone at the office and going for a walk during your lunch break

2. Do More Fun Things In The Real World

Like most people, you probably don’t spend as much on the computer, phone and tablet while on vacation. Have you ever stopped to think why that is? 

There could be many reasons, but a straightforward explanation is that you have things to do and places to explore. As such, the digital world’s allure isn’t as strong.

The second straightforward way to detox your mind is to replace activities instead of eliminating them. Doing so will keep your mind engaged and allow you to have fun instead of feeling deprived. 

For example:

  • Have a workout during your lunch break
  • Have meals as a family
  • Take up a fun hobby
  • Read more books
  • Meditate and stretch in the morning
  • Prepare your to-do list and journal in the evening

Final Words

Life can be fun and fulfilling. You don’t have to stare at a screen all day, but you must decide to detox your mind. Learning to entertain yourself outside the digital world is a great way to boost your well-being, creativity and happiness.

Although we provide online personal training, we understand the importance of digital detoxing––taking time off technology. If you’re looking for a specific strategy to detox your mind or need motivation and support along the way, schedule a call with a coach today.





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